Against conformity. Every creation is a new challenge, taking risks and refusing to seal the work as a defensive act against mediocrity.
Play deeply to liberate the intelligent body from self-consciousness. Embody knowledge, renew energy.
Stimulate imagination. The whole artistic team contributes with ideas, visions, experiences and points of view. The collaborators are the work’s essence, and develop simultaneously with the creation.
To perform is to explore, to play, to cross borders. Become somebody else and be yourself at the same time. Experience new relationships. Feel with the ears, eyes and skin inside and outside. Life is a series of unexpected events, leading to uncertain directions. The act of performing must be full of unexpectedness and uncertainty.
Three connections must exist simultaneously, and in perfect harmony:
  1. the performer connected to his/her inner life
  2. the performer relating to other performers
  3. the performer engaging with the audience
No main characters. All performers are protagonists. Give the spectator a possibility to empathize with each performer: individually and as part of the collective.
We owe to the theatrical space, a sacred place, and the performers’ focus must be on it, from the beginning until the end. The space modifies the performer’s behaviour
Understand is to remove the unnecessary: to identify, and intensify, the necessary and the essence.