The Performer
Photo by Lennart Sjöberg.

Performers with strong body, spatial and emotional awareness, great capacity to empathize and be immersed in a mental state, far away from form, with confidence in the intelligent body. Deep knowledge of theatrical time perception, who experiment pleasure improvising and researching, with the ability to maintain freshness and spontaneity in the interpretation. With the ability of being instinctive, meaning that in the moment something happens there is no analysis or comment is just pure. A free body to live or die. With the facility of being and domain in the present moment. A sensible being in contact with the inner and outside world. Bodies influenced by their culture (country, social class, social group...), personal history that have a unique, unconventional way of approaching assignments, with the openness to become and absorb any role. To become a new body.

  • Nina Botkay
  • James O’Hara
  • Maud de la Purification
  • Eli Cohen
  • David Essing
  • Yu-Fen Huang
  • Kuan-Ying Su
  • Filippo Domini
  • Chen-Wei Lee
  • Sandra Marin
  • Yasutake Shimaji
  • Alessandro Sabatini
  • Reiko Ohta
  • Amancio González
  • Louis Gillard
  • Cree Barnett Williams