Bird Dog

Bird Dog is a (dance) road movie, a trip that alters the perspective of the participant’s daily life, driving them to question their cultural identity. The journey happens live, it is not pre recorded, an ephemeral act taking place in the streets of Tokyo, Lisbon, New York and The Hague - a site specific piece.

Four performers connected through their devices sharing a physical and sensorial experience to produce internal alterations: the body moving the spirit. The celebration of a passage: a remote ritual to transform their perception of the public space and engender a community of resonance, capable to experience harmony and common rhythm.

Bird Dog wants to break with the binarism ‘body- technology’ by redefining our relation with the screen - mostly used as a communicating tool to see/show and enhance the ego. The use of electronic devices to share body turning the city into a sensory field full of textures, volumes, density, different surfaces, weight, colours, temperature of matter, smells, sounds, time..., a medium to reactivate the impersonal during a sensorial encounter questioning the growing hegemony of the eye.

Not blaming the machine for the growing separation between the self and the world in our constant bulimic viewing immersion, but finding ways of awakening our community bond by embodying a collective consciousness through a remote ritual.

Premiere: January 28, Korzo Theater, The Hague.

Director: Marina Mascarell

Performers: Spencer Dickhaus, Nina Botkay, Shamel Pitts, Yasutake Shimaji.

Guest during the creation process: Carolina Mancuso

Dramaturgy: Riikka Laakso

Composer: Miguelángel Clerc

Video designer: Francesc Isern

Executive producers: Elclimamola

Curator: José Antonio de Ory

Produced by: The Spanish Agency of International Cooperation with the Embassies of Spain in Washington, Tokyo, Paris and Lisbon

Co produced by: Mercat de les Flors

Distributor: Naomi Russell and Elclimamola

With the support of Generalitat de Catalunya

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