El poema de Guilgamesh, rei d’Uruk
El poema de Guilgamesh,
rei d’Uruk

Between Tigris and Euphrates, at that point where Occidental civilisation appeared and the door of Middle East races, was born one of the most ancient stories of the world. The Sumerian epic which recreates the experiences, at 2700 before Christ, of Guilgamesh, king of the city of Uruk.

Among the mud boards appeared at the remains of the ancient Nineveh and other zones of the Middle East were found fragments of a work, The Poem of Guilgamesh which contains some of the most popular stories of the Western world. One of which is the famous episode of the universal deluge.

It is the story of a man who wanted to defy death and dreamed with the immortality. This story of friendship and descent into the underworld has been explained in many different ways and has a lot of versions. It doesn’t have a true version which gives freedom to interpretations.

Oriol Broggi, artistic director of La Perla 29, invited me to be part of the montage of this marvellous project for the Opening of Grec Festival in Barcelona. Transforming the arena of the Greek Theatre into the first moments of our civilisation.

The floor full of sand, starting with the light of the sunset and developing the piece into the night, with live music and the strong physicality of the performers was the set up of this inspiring project.

Premiered: July 2, 2018 at Greek Theatre, Barcelona Spain.

Direction and space: Oriol Broggi

Version: Jeroni Rubió Rodon

Choreography: Marina Mascarell

Performers: Màrcia Cisteró, Sergi Torrecilla, David Vert, Ernest Villegas, Marta Marco, Clara Segura, Lluís Soler, Ramon Vila.

Music: Yannis Papaioannou

Costume designer: Daphna Munz

Light designer: Quico Gutiérrex

Video artist: Francesc Isern

Sound designer: Damien Bazin

Chorus repetitor: Pablo Puche

Scenography assistant: Josep Iglesias

Assistant director: Carles Algué

Costumes maker: Època Barcelona

Scenography maker: Taller d’escenografia Castells

Drawing: Clara de Ramon

Photographer: Bito Cels