Orthopedica corporatio

Orthopedica corporatio was born from the poetic intention of building a transitory community that questions and reflects on the bodily relationships between its members, the group and the environment. A community made up of singular misfits who have transcended individuality to become a social kaleidoscope.

Six genuine interpreters, of various ages and origins, challenge the conventions to transcend imposed social logics. They are bodies that encourage us to imagine and explore other worlds with their singular poetics and approach.

The importance of being together, of sharing body, to envision possible futures and to face a life in eternal transition. A journey through soundscapes, imaginary and worldly, to glimpse other ways of coexisting and rethinking the earth with the purpose to connect with a social nature.

The listening becomes essential to carry through the peregrination where the physical exchange between bodies and objects generate the soundscapes of this journey as well as the language to communicate among the members of the community.

Abandoned and worn objects found in the surroundings of different rural areas of Catalonia, where the creation process had place, constitute the landscape of Orthopedica corporatio. Organic and inorganic items, with different forms and textures, persuade the dancers to interact and discover different realities.

The objects propose particular dances through its own nature; they emerge with the dancing body, weakening the hierarchical order of the categories ‘human’-‘object’; sometimes they disassemble the body logic of the dancer, becoming ‘crutches’, stimulating an orthopaedic movement and sometimes they emphasise our fragility as a species.

An immersive performance, with the audience on 4 sides, inspired by Octavia Butler’s science fiction novel Parable of the sower.

Six dancers, aged 22 to 55, embark on a highly physical and sensorial journey through soundscapes and abandoned objects.

Premiere: September 30, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.

Direction: Marina Mascarell

Choreography: Marina Mascarell, Alessandro Sabatini, Reiko Ohta, Amancio Gonzalez, Louis Gillard, Eli Cohen, Cree Barnett Williams.

Performers: Alessandro Sabatini, Reiko Ohta, Amancio Gonzalez, Louis Gillard, Eli Cohen, Cree Barnett Williams

Dramaturgy: Riikka Laakso

Composer: Yamila Ríos

Sounds designer: Damien Bazin

Set and Light designer: Paula Miranda

Costume designer: Nina Botkay

Video and pictures: Mila Ercoli

Executive producer: Elclimamola

Co Produced by: Mercat de les Flors, Korzo Theatre, Taipei Performing Arts Center

With the support of El Danseu Festival and Generalitat de Catalunya

Distributor: Naomi Russell and El Climamola